...from StockholmDr. John, blues musician

Photo: Denise Grünstein

After playing at a club called Cirkus, I went across the street to the restaurant where we took this picture. I dig Stockholm. I've visited Sweden about 35 times, producing records. They make a great fish dish here, looks like sole. I don't really know what it is. I can't speak Swedish, so I just get somebody to find me something on the menu. Those Swedes have a pretty good way with fish. FAVORITE STOP ON TOUR: I had a great time in Paris. We'll have a great time later in Belgium and Amsterdam. You can have a great time anywhere if you find something that kicks for you. We got the music that kicks for us. LIFE ON THE ROAD: It's tough. You gotta travel 13 to 15 hours, then be ready to play. PRE-SHOW RITUALS: A sound check! It ain't like we got time to do all that relaxation stuff. But playing music calms me down. SOUND OFF: I have to have a Walkman when I travel, or I'd go nuts. I like a lot of Eastern music, stuff from Turkey, folk songs from Greece. And Spain! I love flamenco and Gypsy music. Those cats just do something to me.

--Interviewed by H. Scott Jolley