I'm at the St. Regis hotel, where my wife and I spent our wedding night six years ago. But I also love the Algonquin. Every so often I get a room there just for fun. Its Blue Bar is one of the most beautiful bars anywhere.

HOT TIME IN THE CITY: I'm always happiest shooting here. After a day's worth of filming, you can go out for a fantastic dinner. My favorite restaurant is an extraordinary place in Brooklyn called Al Di Lá; nothing fancy, but the food is superb.

WHO'S FROM OUTTA TOWN? I like to take visitors on the subway first thing. It's always shocking — they can't believe the scope of it. They have this intense fear, but they overcome it pretty quickly once they go for a ride.

DOWNTIME: I just finished shooting in England, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago, so now I'm taking a little break in New York. It's funny that I come here to relax.

By H. Scott Jolley and Scott Jolley