I'm out on the deck behind the Delano. There's a little bar back there, and they can set you up on the beach with a tent over your lounge chair. You order a couple of Cosmos, take a dip, get a tan, sleep it off, and then start all over again. I always stay at the Delano — I don't even bother to try a new hotel in Miami. FRIDAY-NIGHT FLAVOR: I love Miami's island feel, its Cuban influence. On the weekends for dinner, it's all about Larios. WATER BABY: Deep-sea fishing is my favorite activity down here. I put the Bombardier in the water and have some fun. When we get hungry, we just pull up to one of the little waterside cafés or restaurants. BEST SOUVENIR: That Delano bed. It is so comfortable. And those pillows. And the duvet. I would probably have to bring home the whole suite.