...from ParisPatti LuPone, actress-singer
Photo: David Cicconi

I was in Paris with my family and friends for New Year's. We stayed at the Pavillon de la Reine in the Place des Vosges, not far from where this picture was taken. I'm really not into the frilliness of Paris; sometimes it's a little too girly. The Pavillon de la Reine has weight -- it's more masculine. I don't go to the shopping districts, like Avenue Montaigne; I don't even do that in New York. I like the funkier areas, the Marais and the Place des Vosges. We had a beautiful New Year's Eve lunch at Le Voltaire, in the house where Voltaire lived. I had escargots swimming in the most incredible green sauce. We all drank a little too much wine and started yelling, "Nous aimons les Français!" "We love the French!" After lunch we tried to walk around a bit, but the New Year's crowds were phenomenal -- you couldn't get near Notre Dame. It looked like Times Square. But it was the place to be. Ultimately, Paris is always the place to be.

--Interviewed by H. Scott Jolley