...from Santa FeNathan Gunn, opera singer

I've come here the past two summers to perform in the Santa Fe Opera festival. It's held in an outdoor theater, and nothing starts until the sun goes down. From backstage, we get to watch the sunset every night. OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD: At 7,000 feet above sea level you run out of air faster. You pant like crazy running around the stage. WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN? Diablo Canyon -- a great place for hiking that isn't too strenuous. And my wife and I don't have to worry about the kids falling down the side of a mountain. MUST DO: At Abiquiu Reservoir, about an hour north of town, you can jump off the 30-foot cliffs. It's too high to dive, but jumping off is scary enough. FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: For a date with my wife, I'd have to say the one at the Inn of the Anasazi. For something less pricey and more regional, Gabriel's. It has the best guacamole anywhere -- and they make it right in front of you. PERFECT SOUVENIR: Most people leave with a tattoo, but I'd choose one of [local artist] Jean-Claude Gaugy's paintings. He paints on wood instead of canvas. NEXT TRIP: Paris in February -- my first time -- to sing the role of Prince Andrei in the Bastille Opera's new production of Prokofiev's War and Peace.

--Interviewed by Tom Samiljan