...from Los AngelesJeremy Irons

Coming to L.A. is always such culture shock, and staying at Shutters on the Beach sort of eases me into it. I can wake up, put on my Rollerblades, go exercise. Then come back and have breakfast on the porch, with the fresh sea air blowing. The rooms are great; some even have wood-burning fireplaces. You can open the windows -- I hate air-conditioning and loathe hotels with windows that don't open. And the bathrooms -- all those towels! Little ducks for the tub! And they really do have the best shampoo in the world.

I also love the Lancaster in Paris. It's quite small, and I never meet people I know there. The Peninsula Hong Kong in Kowloon is the most perfect hotel I've ever been to. It has an amazing gym. There was always freshly squeezed orange juice -- whatever time I worked out. A great hotel makes you forget that someone else has stayed in the room before you. When filming, you occasionally end up in outlandish places, without any good hotels. You walk into your room and the ghosts of traveling salesmen rise up in front of you. You can't help but think, Oh no, please. So much loneliness has been in this room. I hate that feeling.

-- Interviewed by Wendy Goodman