...from London Hugh Grant


I live in Earl's Court in London, but I spent a lot of time in Notting Hill recently while I was shooting the movie, with Julia Roberts. We filmed among the locals -- shopkeepers and all that, who were great. I play the owner of a bookstore that's based on the neighborhood's real Travel Bookshop.

Best brunch: Café Grove on Portobello Road. I love their English breakfast -- the full monty, as we call it here.
Best pub: I've been to them all. Go to the Cow, on Westbourne Park Road, for Guinness and oysters.
What to wear: The All Saints look [made famous by the girl band named for All Saints Road in Notting Hill]. It's that combat, frontline, designer-slum look. Lots of bare midriffs with bits of underwear showing, body piercing -- but more restrained than punk. I can't bring it off -- I'm just too old, too fat, too middle-class.
If I had a free weekend: I'd go to Padstow, a little fishing village in Cornwall. Its Seafood Restaurant has unbelievably delicious fish that they just take out of the water and put in your mouth. I spent all my holidays there as a child. Also, a flight to Paris or Rome is my idea of heaven. I love how they come around and ask, "Would you like a glass of champagne?" It's only 9 a.m. but you say, "Hang it, yes."

[Notting Hill opened nationwide May 28.]

--Interviewed by Elizabeth Garnsey