...from Fairfax, VirginiaMark Morris, Dancer
Photo: Rei Taka

I was with my company in Fairfax, Virginia, dancing at George Mason University. It has a substantial theater with 2,000 seats; 500 seats per show are set aside free for students. We all stay at a Comfort Inn in Fairfax, where a handful of the rooms have giant Catskill-honeymoon Jacuzzis; it takes 30 minutes to fill them up. About half the rooms have kitchens, so the vegetarians can make their tofu. In April, we're performing in Manhattan at the New York City Opera, doing Platée by Rameau -- it's obscure, but funny and great.

We travel so much that I'm always happy just to be in a hotel room without everybody else around. I burn incense, put up my sound, and shut it all out. (In Fairfax, I had Bach, Schumann, and music from southern India.) We fly just about every place, all screaming and laughing -- unless it's early, in which case we wear sunglasses and don't talk to each other. Everyone carries their headphones, eye masks, moisturizers. I have a little Swedish pillow from Brookstone -- it's squishy and weird. Get one, it's the greatest thing. But you know what?Airplanes suck. Remember how we all used to get dressed up for the fabulous, clean plane with the delicious food?Well, that's gone. Even if you're flying a hundred miles, it takes the entire day. They don't even give you oxygen anymore. If it were lovely and calm and a little more sophisticated, we'd all like it better.

--Interviewed by Dara Y. Herman