. . . from New York City,Hattie Jones, star of the movie Madeline

I live in London, and I'd never been to New York City. The best thing I did was go shopping. At F.A.O. Schwarz I bought a little elephant that walks when you push a button on its back, and clothes for my Madeline doll. I also visited the Statue of Liberty. When I was five (I'm nine now), my father showed me a photograph of it--I was really pleased to see it in real life.

Where to stay: The Plaza Fifty Suites Hotel. It was very comfy.
What to pack: Lots of chocolate and sweets.
Best restaurant: Boston Chicken. It was lovely!
Top choices for travel companions: Victoria (that's Posh Spice in the Spice Girls); my friend Rachel--she's really nice; and Ann, from the Australian TV show Neighbours.
Funniest American word: Pants--to us that means underwear!
If New York were an animal it would be: A lion, a yellow one. From the top of the Empire State Building, that's the only color I saw because of all the taxis.
Madeline's New York review: She'd like the very, very tall buildings, but not the busyness. I think it's comforting to be in a crowd--but Madeline's not keen on it.
(Madeline is available on videotape.)