Javier Pla

OCCUPATION: Actor, currently seen in the FX television series The Shield
HOME BASE: Los Angeles
ART HOUSE: In 1997, Pounder and her husband, Boubacar Koné, founded Senegal's only contemporary art museum, the Musée Boribana, just outside Dakar. On display are works by local artists and pieces from the African diaspora in the United States, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, and Haiti. Pounder flies to Dakar twice a year to help Koné, the curator at Boribana, scout new artists.
HOME COOKIN': Pounder says the best place to get tiéboudienne—the savory stew of fish, vegetables, and rice that's eaten almost every day—is in someone's house, but if you can't wangle a dinner invitation, she recommends Keur N'deye (68 Rue Vincens; 221-8/214-973). She also loves the upscale Toukouleur (122 Rue Mousse Diop; 221-8/215-193), although more for the décor than for the food: "Its entrance is this inconspicuous blue door that opens onto a jasmine-scented passageway of midnight blue and burnt orange."
ON THE TOWN: "You must take your own tour of Dakar by night," Pounder says. The music scene is electric—clubs pump out salsa, rumba, the local sabar, hip-hop, R&B, even French ballads. But things don't start jumping till late: "Make sure you take a nap during the day. It can be a shock to see a club nearly empty at midnight, but then filled to the rafters at two a.m." —Hannah Wallace