'There was this incredible garden that was buzzing with huge bumblebees; they're drunk from all the pollen, so you can actually pet them on the head'

OCCUPATION Multitasker extraordinaire. Sedaris is an actor (Sex and the City, Maid in Manhattan, Strangers with Candy), playwright (one half of the comedy duo the Talent Family, along with brother David), master chef and baker (she often serves her legendary cheese balls at theater performances), and woman of a thousand faces.
GET OUT OF TOWN "I decided I didn't want to go on any vacations that involved an airport," says the New York City-based Sedaris, who recently drove to the New York-Pennsylvania border to visit Todd Oldham, the designer, and his partner, Tony Longoria, at their country house. "Todd's decorating is perfect. They have original Diane Arbus photographs and a lot of shots by [director] John Waters. Todd even had a pair of Gloria Swanson's shoes that fit me! And I loved their tree house. It's got two levels: bunk beds upstairs, and a downstairs living room with a striped, faux-wood floor and a striped corduroy sofa."
STORY TIME Sedaris will slip into character—several, in fact—with next month's publication of Wigfield (Hyperion), co-written with fellow comics Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert. Wigfield tells the satiric story of a hard-luck Midwestern town populated by oddballs (many of whom appear in portraits throughout the book). Where did Sedaris get her inspiration?"My family used to create our own city on top of the piano and call it Wigfield."
—Lauren David Peden