'I began to really understand London only after being there several months. I never knew where anything was—even Paris made more sense. But I finally got it.'
Ben Murphy

OCCUPATION Actor, Sex and the City (which begins its final season in June) and the independent movie Northfork, opening next month.
HOME BASE New York City
OVER THERE MacLachlan recently returned from the world premiere of On an Average Day, a drama at London's Comedy Theatre in which he portrayed Woody Harrelson's older brother. "We were meant to go into the Wyndhams Theatre, but Madonna's play got there first."
TEE TIME When he wasn't onstage, MacLachlan practiced his putting at the Knightsbridge Golf School (47 Lowndes Square; 44-207/235-2468). "Hugh Grant recommended it."
PUB GRUB "My favorite pub was the Grenadier [18 Wilton Row; 44-207/235-3074]. Woody's driver—also named Woody—took us there. Friendly people; good, sturdy food. Their sausage roll helps you handle the pints."
STINKY CHEESE MAN "I just get knocked over by the smell at the Neal's Yard Dairy [17 Shorts Gardens; 44-207/240-5700]. I love Stilton, any creamy blue. When I was young, all I ate was Velveeta, which doesn't even qualify as cheese, so I guess I've made some headway."
—Edward Karam