WHO Boundary-breaking, Egypt-born designer Karim Rashid, who has created hundreds of best-selling "blobjects" (the Garbo garbage can, Oh chair, Blib bag) and Philadelphia's new Morimoto restaurant. LATEST PROJECT His first hotel, the Semiramis, set to open next spring. LOCATION Kifissia, an emerging Athens neighborhood filled with hip clubs, restaurants, and shops (Armani is a recent arrival). WHY A HOTEL "Nowadays shops are the same wherever you go. Even coffee is the same—only hotels are different." WHY ATHENS "It's the next Barcelona." PREVIOUS HOTEL EXPERIENCE "None, but I spent 210 nights in them last year." THE CONCEPT "Semiramis will have a digital aesthetic: you'll feel like you're inside a computer." THE LOOK Pixel lights and other art pieces on headboards, remote-control curtains, and LED messaging outside each door that guests can adjust to read anything from "Privacy Please" to "Party at 10."—Lucie Young