. . . from DallasFrédéric Fekkai, hairstylist & salon owner

The first time I visited Dallas I expected big hair. Instead I've always found sophisticated ladies in Prada and Gucci-- until the weekend. I love those women in pickup trucks, with guns hanging on the rack, who drive into town to do their Saturday shopping.

WHERE'S THE BEEF? Javier's (214/521-4211) is the best Mexican restaurant I've been to-- even better than in Mexico. I'm a fan of the fajitas.

ROADSIDE ATTRACTION: Tex-Mex architecture-- Western houses mixed with modern towers.

BEST HOTEL: The Mansion on Turtle Creek (214/559-2100; restaurant shown here) has some of the nicest service I've ever experienced, and I loved the breakfast-- especially the frittata with peppers, chorizo, and pico de gallo.

SUITCASE ESSENTIALS: My own Eau du Jour fragrance, J. P. Tod's driving shoes, lots of novels, always a cashmere sweater, and the gadget of the moment, currently my PalmPilot III.

WHAT TO BRING HOME: A straw cowboy hat and a cream-colored suede shirt.