...from CharlestonEartha Kitt, entertainer


I was in South Carolina to sing at Charleston's Sottile Theatre. The audience was marvelous. It wasn't just polite applause -- I could feel the vibration when they clapped their hands together. I stayed at the Charleston Place Hotel, which was fabulous. Charleston itself is very sane; it respects people's need for a respite once in a while. AROUND TOWN: I mostly explored the five or six blocks around the hotel, and I was impressed with how well-preserved the city is. They could have done that in Atlanta! What beautiful things have been destroyed because no one had the sense to say "Stop!" FAVORITE HOTELS: I love the Dorchester in London. First-class, with marvelous service. Everybody is very polite. It's right in front of Hyde Park, so I can run every morning. I also love the Oriental in Bangkok, where the baths have wonderfully large bars of soap, not the skimpy little things that are becoming so prevalent. You can use them properly without feeling they're going to slide down the drain. In L.A., my favorite is Shutters on the Beach. There are candles in the bathroom, sea salt for the tub, great fragrances and body lotions. The whole atmosphere is fantastic and the staff treats you like you're in your second home. PET PEEVE: I can't stand it when you can't open the window in a hotel. Even on the third floor! Hotels are more concerned about people jumping out than their guests' health. I want to take a chair and break through the window! Just crash through!

--Interviewed by Jessica Dineen