I was performing at Rainbow & Stars, and my dressing room was on the 67th floor of Rockefeller Center, one floor below this terrace. Every evening I watched the light in the sky fade as I looked south. I could see myself living here in a flash. You can walk everywhere, and you run into people you know--I saw Eric Clapton in the East Sixties. The ideal life would be a two-bedroom apartment in the city and a big old estate somewhere in Connecticut. Isn't that how they do it?

EAT AT: Jean Georges. Everyone was dressed in black looking cool, and I was such a hick--everything tasted so good, I just couldn't control myself.
WHERE TO STAY: The Lowell is homey and wonderful, but I almost don't want other people to find out about it. I had a balcony and a real fireplace.
TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: A portable CD player and a sound machine--I'm very sensitive to noise.
CURRENT PROJECT: Cybill Disobedience, a memoir of my life and career. It'll be out by Christmas.

—Interviewed by Elizabeth Garnsey