...from BostonJennifer Smith, premier of Bermuda

Ten years ago, I took a course at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, so it was nice to return there for a meeting of the Council of Women World Leaders. I spoke about how female leaders have a different way of approaching problems and achieving consensus. I stayed at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, right in Harvard Square, across the street from where the meetings were held. It's very open and minimalist; it feels Scandinavian. From my window I could see rowers gliding down the Charles. I love walking around Boston. If I'd had more free time, I would've gone down to the harbor for some chowder. Many of our tourists come from the Boston area. The Norwegian Majesty heads straight for Bermuda from Boston Harbor. Couples who fell in love on the island return year after year -- and now their kids come, too. I'm from the oldest part of Bermuda, St. George, a 17th-century town that we're hoping will soon be recognized as a World Heritage Site.

--Interviewed by Hannah Wallace