May 1997

. . . from the Southwest
Don Imus, radio personality

"My brother and I were taking pictures for our new book, Two Guys Four Corners [Villard]. Ever since we got interested in photography, we've been shooting beautiful areas -- Canyon de Chelly, Mesa Verde, White Sands. The big thunderheads you see in the sky from late July through early September are just amazing."
Tip: "Eat at Harry's Roadhouse in Santa Fe. They have chickens and ducks outside, and great tempeh burgers inside."

. . . from Peru
Frederique, model

"I travel so much in luxurious ways, but I love rugged trips. Machu Picchu is amazing. Wandering around the ruins was fantastic, but I couldn't put my whole foot on each step, because everything was built by people with very small feet. I had to go sideways."
Tip: "Try the goat cheese from a roadside stand -- very salty, unlike anything else I've had."

. . . from Normandy
Christopher Buckley, author of Wry Martinis

"During World War II, Pointe-du-Hoc was hit with more firepower than the Enola Gay dropped on Hiroshima. Half a century later it was my eight-year-old daughter's dream: grassy craters for rolling down, cliffs for peering over, concrete bunkers to explore."
Tip: "See the balloon festival in June at Balleroy, the Forbes château."

. . . from Beijing
Han Feng, clothing designer

"The last time I went to China was eight years ago, and much has changed. People dress really well, especially the young. They wear Western clothes, even baseball hats. There used to be nothing going on at night in Beijing; now you can stay out until morning."
Tip: "Visit the Forbidden City, but go early, before the tourists come. The energy is still there."