Don't let inclement weather keep you indoors. BrellaBar (1043 Third Ave., New York City; 212/813-9530), a jewel box of a store on Manhattan's Upper East Side, has raised the oft-neglected rain accessory into a fashion statement. Eschewing flimsy two-dollar umbrellas and bulky rubber Wellies, BrellaBar stocks sleek boots from Ludwig Reiter and Sigerson Morrison, Eleanor Duffy's well-cut trenches in five styles (we like the Park Avenue for its retro-mod flare), and all manner of handmade umbrellas in patterns that include plaid, gingham, polka dot—and, of course, simple black nylon. Handles are trimmed in velour, shearling, calfskin, silver, and exotic woods; shapes range from classic peaks to pagodas. True dandies can even search the store's collection of vintage umbrellas from the late 19th century through the 1960's to find a one-of-a-kind gem. A twirl around the store will have you, well, singing in the rain. —AMY FARLEY