Britain's classic black taxis are making a splash this side of the Pond now that London Taxis of North America (866/756-6366;; from $51,900), based in Sudbury, Massachusetts, has begun selling the cars, which were first made during World War II. Cabdrivers, livery companies, and hotels in the U.S.A. and Canada have been snapping up the vehicles, which come in 12 colors. Thanks to an old British law stating that their interiors must accommodate a gentleman wearing a top hat, the American models—which are identical to the English versions, save for steering wheels on the left side and other minor technical details—have more headroom than their yellow U.S. counterparts. They're also handicapped-accessible, with as much legroom as a first-class airline seat. These taxis can now be flagged down on the streets of San Francisco; Chicago; Ottawa, Ontario; and the suburbs of New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Pretty soon you'll be able to hail one in most major American cities; just don't call it a cab, Yankee.
—Sam Lubell