Travel fiends rejoice! JetBlue is bringing back its "All You Can Jet" promotion. Whereas last time, $599 bought you 30 days of unlimited flight anywhere JetBlue flies, this time they're offering passengers two options: for $699, you can purchase an unlimited pass that will allow travel any day of the week. But if you're looking to save a few—or, y'know, 200—dollars, you can opt for the $499 pass. You'll still be able to travel anywhere JetBlue goes, as often as you want, but you won't be allowed to fly on Fridays or Sundays.

If you're lucky enough to be able to make the time to really take advantage of this offer, but are still on the fence, know that it could become a life-changing experience: Facing unemployment in the wake of the recession and not sure what to do next, Jessica Advocat, a good friend of mine, took advantage of the original AYCJ. "Wondering if I could really go a month solo, I decided to take a step closer and call JetBlue to really understand the fine print." When she learned that the deal was pretty cut and dry, she booked, despite having no travel buddy.

"I hit the online social streams and found the website WhereWeJet created by Jennifer Milano, a fellow traveler...and AYCJ Facebook group, created by Matthew Lobacz, geared toward building a community around our unlimited pass," Jessica remembers. And so began her nomadic travel experience.

"With my elementary Spanish, I squeezed myself into a car full of strangers as we hit the dirt roads of Costa Rica; I tucked myself in a small two person tent on top of Colorado's finest Rocky Mountain; I backpacked Columbia with a travel mate I met just 2 hrs before the flight."

All in all, Jessica booked 15 flights using her AYCJ pass. (See the map of her travels here. Appropriately, the route highlighted in blue is her JetBlue experience; the rest is subsequent travel.) "What started as a monthlong travel spree turned into an ongoing lifestyle," she reflects. "In fact, my #AYCJ experience was the influencer of my recent move to San Francisco (my 3rd stop on my #AYCJ pass) and also what turned me into a member."

While Jessica's experience may not be exactly what you're looking for, the beauty of AYCJ is that you can shape your own adventure. Be sure to read over the details and, if your interest is piqued, act fast before they sell out!

Joshua Pramis is an online associate editor and resident tech guru at Travel + Leisure.