The grand prize is complete with a five-star hotel stay and transportation via private jet.


From the olden days of the ice bucket challenge to whatever is today's latest dance craze, social media has long been a place for people to take on "challenges" all in the name of 15 minutes (or seconds) of internet fame. Beyond a potentially viral video and lots of likes, there usually isn't a prize that comes along with these trends. Hotwire and Jason Derulo are teaming up to change that.

This travel app-pop star duo has launched a new TikTok challenge to celebrate the return of travel, and they're in search of the best home-to-hotel transformation on the internet. The winner of this #HotwireHotelGoals challenge will be chosen by Derulo himself, and the prize is a vacation worth $50,000, complete with a private jet flight to a five-star hotel.

Singer Jason Derulo poses during a photo shoot in Sydney, New South Wales.
Credit: Justin Lloyd/Getty Images

So what does this challenge entail?

Participating TikTokers must show why they're in need of a vacation by transporting themselves from their home to the fanciest hotel of their dreams — via green screen, of course. To be eligible for the grand prize, they'll also have to use #HotwireHotelGoals on their post and follow @HotwireTravel on TikTok.

TikTokers will be judged for their creativity and originality. For a little inspiration, Derulo created his own version of the #HotwireHotelGoals challenge, featuring a not-so-successful diaper change moment before the singer is transported to a scenic rooftop with his suitcase in hand.

According to a recent study done by Hotwire, nearly 60% of millennials have never stayed in a five-star hotel — an unacceptable number for the travel app company. The #HotewireHotel Goals challenge is all a part of Hotwire's Book Beyond Your Wildest Means initiative, which aims to help travelers book otherwise inaccessible hotels for more affordable prices.

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