By Annie Fitzsimmons
July 28, 2011

In my quest for a comfortable, super-stylish summer shoe, one winner has emerged time and again: the famed Jack Rogers Navajo sandal. I can toss a couple of pairs in my suitcase and feel confident that, while on the road, I’m set for any casual or dressy occasion.

Founded in Palm Beach in 1961, Jack Rogers has finally opened its first retail location on the Upper East Side in New York. A favorite of Jackie Kennedy, the brand’s famed leather sandal delivers hours of easy summer strolling. And, with the price point of $98, there’s no need to marry a Greek shipping magnate!

In bronze, gold, and silver, the metallic Navajo sandal is the most popular style. But this affordable summer treat is also available in a range of platinum, pastel and bright candy colors. Alongside these great sandals, expect the shelves to be stacked with flats, heels, dresses and handbags. All promise to keep you energized through even the most sweltering days of summer.

Jack Rogers, 1198 Madison Avenue between 87th & 88th Streets