As if any of us in the northeast part of the country needed further proof, today’s chilling weather is another reminder that it’s time to put our shorts and tees into hiding—and bust out the pea coats and scarves.

Thankfully, I discovered that I can continue to get a taste of summer throughout the upcoming winter months, in the form of Maine-style lobster rolls, courtesy of the Red Hook Lobster Pound.

The Pound opened last year in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood with a simple, solid concept: bring in fresh lobsters from Maine daily, and serve up traditional lobster rolls without trying to make them overly fancy. Lobster salad is made with huge chunks of sweet meat (about 1/4 pound per roll), just a hint of homemade mayo, celery, and spices, served on—what else?—a freshly buttered and grilled JJ Nissen hot dog bun. (If mayo’s not your thing, you can order it up Connecticut-style: just lobster and butter.) The rolls, which cost $15 each, come with a pickle spear and bag of Cape Cod potato chips.

I’ve been frequenting the Pound since I discovered it earlier this year. You might say I’ve developed a sort of addiction. So much so, I have to admit, I was a little scared that the Pound would operate the way so most lobster shacks in Maine do, which would mean closing up shop for the winter.

Fearing withdrawals—yes, they are that good—I shot a desperate tweet their way—and yes, they’ve been great about responding to tweets—asking if they'd be closing for the season. Their reply brought nothing short of elation:

Crisis averted. (By the way, “Flea” refers to the Brooklyn Flea, where they set up a mobile kitchen and serve rolls to shoppers.)

Proof of their success can be found in the expansion of the main restaurant to include a good-sized indoor seating area (think: polished picnic tables), and even a mobile restaurant on the streets of DC.

The pound also serves shrimp rolls ($8), homemade whoopie pies ($3), a selection of Maine root sodas ($2.50), and during the winter months, lobster bisque ($8/cup; $14/pint; $25/quart). You can also order whole lobsters by the pound ($10.50/lb.; add $1 per lobster and they’ll steam them for you).

Red Hook Lobster Pound; 284 Van Brunt St., Brooklyn; 646-326-7650;; lunch for two from $30.

Joshua Pramis is an online associate editor and resident tech guru at Travel + Leisure.

Images courtesy of Joshua Pramis.