This Unicorn-themed Island Is the Most Magical Place You've Ever Seen

Pack your most sparkly swimsuit.

Inflatable Island
Photo: Courtesy of Inflatable Island

Belinda Carlisle was right: Heaven is a place on Earth — and we finally have proof.

The Inflatable Island is a floating paradise located in Subic Bay, around 80 miles west of Manila, in the Philippines, is a dream come true for unicorn and rainbow lovers.

Pink Beach Inflatable Island
Courtesy of Inflatable Island

The island is over 4,100 square miles, approximately the size of eight football fields, and is home to multi-colored, unicorn-themed inflatable slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings, and pretty much all other magical features your heart may desire.

The unicorn-themed part of the island, just off the shore, leads to an obstacle course with tons of activities, as well as endless Instagram photo ops. While on "unicorn island," you can jump on the rainbow walk or slide off the back of a giant unicorn inflatable.

If you're more interested in staying on the beach, the company that owns the Inflatable Island also has a Pink Bali Lounge — a section of pristine beach completely decked out with flamingo-pink bean bags and umbrellas.

For more information on booking a colorful trip to Subic Bay, visit The Inflatable Island website.

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