This is the World's Best Island in Europe in 2017.

Credit: Neleman Initiative/Getty Images

Santorini, in Greece, has long been on the bucket list of many travelers.

With its bright turquoise waters, black pebble beaches, and white Grecian architecture, its beauty is evident after flipping through a few photos.

While there are a variety of great islands to visit in Europe — from Capri to nearby Mykonos — Santorini topped the list this year in Travel + Leisure's World's Best Awards.

Santorini is a volcanic island situated in the Aegean Sea, accessible by ferry from several ports. Peak season is in the summer, from April through September, when tourists descend upon the island.

It's easy to see why: Santorini's many beaches offer a place to relax or take a dip after a stroll through charming streets. One luxury boutique hotel, the Grace Santorini, gives visitors to the island the chance at a more unusual type of sunset swim: in an infinity pool that overlooks a volcano.

Credit: Lars Ruecker/Getty Images

For travelers looking for a break from the beach, the ruins of Akrotiri provide a great historical excursion. The island is also home to many local wineries and a host of excellent restaurants.

Santorini also landed at the fifth spot in the World's Best Awards for best islands in the world.