Necker Island
Credit: Getty Images

Richard Branson’s private paradise known as Necker Island is a dream vacation destination. And it could be yours if you happen to have at least $40,000 burning a hole in your pocket.

This week, the auction website Paddle8 put up a listing for a six-night stay for two on Necker Island, where guests may just rub elbows with Branson himself. Best of all, any money spent on the auction will go to an extremely worthy cause.

As the Paddle8 website explains, all the money collected from the auction will go to Blue Ocean Film Institute as part of The Ocean Summit.

The Ocean Summit on Necker Island will begin on Jan. 24th, 2020. For six spectacular days, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, artists, philanthropists, and politicians will come together to provide “insight to action on how we will each enable the protection of 30 percent of the world’s oceans,” the website said. And, the winning bidder will have a chance to sit in, learn, and potentially participate with their ideas too.

Whoever places the winning bid will be granted two nights on Necker Island as well as three days sailing through the British Virgin Islands with the Ocean Summit to see local groups in action who are working to protect the marine environment throughout the British Virgin Islands. The winning bid also includes access to the final event of the summit on Mosquito Island. It does not include international flights.

Worldwide bidders have through July 30 to place their bids. The starting bid is $40,000, however, Paddle8 estimates the island getaway will go for somewhere north of $100,000. Still, always worth trying to snag a Necker Island getaway with your highest bid.