No, the Fyre Festival Island didn't belong to Pablo Escobar.

By Andrea Romano
July 03, 2019

Now’s your chance to be part of the never-ending history of the greatest music festival that never happened.

According to Forbes, the pristine private island Saddleback Cay, which was featured in the promotional video for the now-infamous and disastrous Fyre Festival, is now on sale for $11.8 million.

To be clear, Saddleback Cay was not the actual location of the Fyre Festival, though it was advertised as such. The location for the defunct music event was actually Great Exuma, about 176 miles away. While Saddleback Cay is part of an island chain called the Exumas in the Bahamas, it was falsely promoted for both being the location for the event as well as being owned by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, according to Forbes.

In short, there was a lot of false information being thrown around at the time the Fyre Festival was being planned. The scandal was covered in two subsequent documentaries by Netflix and Hulu, which were released in January 2019.

Now being listed on the HG Christie real estate website as well as the Sotheby’s International Realty website, the truly gorgeous island spans about 47 acres and has seven beaches for you to lounge on. According to the listing, the island also has a 500-square-foot main house with one bedroom and two bathrooms, plus smaller cottages for guests or house staff. Or, perhaps you can even throw the music festival the world was actually promised.

In addition to owning a piece of internet and music history, the island is also a great place for boating, fishing, and sailing. The Exuma National Sea & Land Park is close by, according to Sotheby’s, as well.

Publicity from the Fyre Festival may have been a disaster for the promoters, but it has created some interesting cultural experiences, including a pop-up bar in Chicago dedicated to the disappointing festival and the viral sensation it caused.

The island’s listing agent, John Christie, has even seen an uptick in interest in Saddleback Cay since the Netflix and Hulu documentaries releases, Forbes reported. “I actually had a buyer the next day after it aired,” Christie told Forbes. “They came down to check it out but it ended up not being right for them.”

The best way to reach Saddleback Cay is by boat or by air coming from New Providence, Bahamas and is only a 30-minute flight from Miami, according to the real estate listings. More information about the private island can be found on the HG Christie and Sotheby’s websites.