You Can Buy This Private Island for Less Than a Home in Los Angeles (Video)

If you’ve been dreaming about escaping the world for your own little slice of private island paradise, now may be your chance. Right now a spectacular private island is for sale in Belize and it will cost you less than the average home in Los Angeles.

According to its listing, the island is currently for sale at just $500,000, which is about $78,000 less than the average home price in Los Angeles County. It’s also $500,000 less than the median home price in New York City, so really this is quite the steal.

For that $500,000 price tag, you’ll get .65 acres of land along with five existing structures, which come with nine full bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. Constructed in 2009, the cabanas need a little updating. But their surroundings of lush green vegetation as well as the crystal blue waters Belize is so well-known for makes updating them all the more worth it.

Private Island Belize
Courtesy of 7th Heaven Properties

The tiny island is located on Tobacco Caye Range, about 30 minutes off the coast of Dangriga. And, as the listing noted, it’s an eco-lover’s dream.

“This is truly a unique opportunity to [own] a small private island in one of the best locations available on the Belize real estate market,” the listing notes. “This island could make a wonderful private island retreat or could be converted into an eco-retreat.”

The island even comes with three separate piers making it a waterman’s dream too. And, its location in the marine reserve means there will be plenty of wildlife to spot during a snorkel or a dive.

Private Island Belize
Courtesy of 7th Heaven Properties

As the listing noted, the island is ideal for those either looking to have it all to themselves or for those interested in turning it into a commercial venture like a small resort or diving hotel. The island is also already eco-friendly as its run on solar and comes with a backup generator.

Go ahead, take one look at the photos and see just how attainable this dream of island living really is. After all, billionares can’t be the only ones having all the private island fun.

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