This Hawaii Resort Has a 1.8 Million-gallon Aquarium — and You Can Swim in It With Marine Biologists

Come hang out with Nemo and his friends in Hawaii.

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, located on the Kona-Kohala coast of the island of Hawaii, wants you to know you don't even need to hit the ocean to see some spectacular marine life.

In early 2021, the resort announced a multi-million dollar, ongoing renovation, which includes enhancements to all guest accommodations and public spaces. The renovation included the debut of the Kumu Kai Marine Center at the Resort's King's Pond. It's here that guests are welcome to jump into the 1.8 million-gallon swimmable pond that doubles as an aquarium and take part in new experiences led by the resort's team of on-site marine biologists.

"We designed the new experience at King's Pond to combine marine education, interactive exclusive offerings, and relaxation," Charlie Parker, the hotel's general manager, shared in a statement about the pond, which was created in collaboration with marine biologist David Chai. "Our hope is that guests will spend the day discovering the unique features of King's Pond, while also enjoying the unobstructed views and specially crafted menus poolside."

According to the resort, King's Pond was "born from the concepts of marine and ocean preservation and education." Carved into lava rock, the pool is home to 1,000 tropical fish, all of whom are taken care of by Chai and his team of six marine biologists.

King's Pond Renovation at Four Seasons Hawaii, large swim in aquarium
Courtesy of Four Seasons

The new Kumu Kai Marine Center at King's Pond also affords guests the chance to learn more about aquatic life through its touch tank and digital educational displays. Guests can also take part in a private eagle ray feeding, a fish derby, a tide pool tour, and a few special experiences for kids like the Jr. Marine Biologist Experience and "Turtles and Tales."

King's Pond Renovation at Four Seasons Hawaii, large swim in aquarium
Courtesy of Four Seasons

"I think a lot of people are going to be shocked," marine biologist Kelsey Makida shares in a video about the experience. "King's Pond is just so natural in its own unique way. Just coming and jumping in the water and seeing an eagle ray swim up to you. Even more so now I feel like there's just so much more opportunity for just that disconnect from stress, and relaxation. I mean there's just a swimming pool next to a one-and-a-half-million-gallon aquarium pond. Where else are you gonna find that?"

Beyond all the new experiences at the pond, the resort's executive chef Richard Polhemus also created a gourmet poolside menu featuring the best sustainable and local ingredients. And yes, there's fish on the menu, but don't worry, it's different fish from your new friends in the pond, we swear. See it all for yourself and book a reservation now.

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