Faroe Islands Sheep
Credit: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images

The Faroe Islands, an independent nation under Denmark that you may not have noticed on the map, is a small archipelago about half way between Iceland and Norway. “Remote” hardly describes it.

But with the surge of interest in Nordic travel — especially to Iceland — the Faroes are getting more attention. And they should: Though the climate is harsh in the winter (and spring and fall), the summers are beautiful.

Google has not yet bestowed the Faroes with Street View, so the Faroese have taken matters into their own hands with Sheep View 360. Yes, that's sheep view — they put cameras on sheep.

The sheep of the Faroes are no ordinary sheep. These are tough sheep — like most everything else on the islands — that have adapted to a striking and dramatic landscape.

If Sheep View 360 has convinced you to make a trip, the best times to visit the Faroe Islands are from May to September.