Bermuda, St. George's, Tobacco bay
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Once nicknamed “Isle of Devils,” Bermuda has much more to offer than shipwrecks leftover from the time before GPS systems navigated luxury yachts to the island. Home to pink sand beaches and brightly colored shorts of the same name, Bermuda is the perfect retreat for those looking to catch some sun on the beach, explore hidden caves, or just sit back and sip some rum without a care in the world.

Whatever your reason to visit, pack a camera because you’re not going to want to forget the beauty of the island.

Follow this guide to plan your dream trip to Bermuda.

The Best Weather in Bermuda

The summer months are when the sun shines on Bermuda and the people come out to play.

From May to October, visitors will find mild, beach-ready temperatures from the 70s to the mid-80s. That's when you'll also find comfortable water temperatures in the Atlantic.

During the peak season, room rates at the island's hotels can be high, though there are still affordable properties on the island. Just plan early if you want to visit during peak season (ideally about three months beforehand). This way you’ll find better rates for booking early, but also save yourself from the chance that everything is booked up.

The Most Popular Time to Visit Bermuda

While there are plenty of trip-worthy events happening on the island throughout the year, there are a handful the bring plenty more people and excitement to Bermuda. In March, famous actors and filmmakers converge on the island to celebrate the Bermuda International Film Festival.

Bermuda International Invitational Race Week is another exciting time to visit as sailors from around the world compete out in the waters making for a great spectacle for fans back on shore. There are also plenty of other races scheduled throughout the year. To really experience the culture of the island visit Hamilton on Bermuda Day — May 24 — when thousands of people gather for a lively parade, dancing, and serious island pride.

The Cheapest Times to Visit Bermuda

The cheapest time to visit Bermuda is during the slow season, from mid-late November through early March. During this time, travelers can find great deals on airfare, and even better deals on hotels and resorts (we’re talking around $200 a night) since occupancy is low.

However, the temperatures are pretty low (between 55 to 70 degrees fahrenheit) so only the adventurous will be kicking it in the ocean. There’s still plenty to do during this time, just make sure you’re not dead set on suntanning on the beach all day.

Bermuda's shoulder season, when prices are a bit lower (though not at their cheapest) and the weather is still in the mid-70s, runs from October through mid-November.