How to Spend a Perfect Day in Bermuda

South Hampton Parish, Bermuda
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Six hundred and fifty miles off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda’s shining sun, pink beaches, and gorgeous waters are inviting you to escape your every day — even for just a day.

While Bermuda is worth visiting for a week or even longer, it's also possible to have one single perfect day on the island. Here are a few activities to fill a quick vacation.

Learn about Bermuda’s history at King’s Square

Located in the center of the Town of St. George, King's Square is an open space filled with history and intrigue. The square, named after King George III, is a popular local gathering place surrounded by Colonial-era buildings, including the Town Hall (built in 1782) and the Bermuda National Trust Museum. In the square, visitors can see costumed actors portraying 18th-century citizens, a town crier calling out the latest news, and even a few replicas of devices used in the 18th century for (painful) public punishments.

Go for a swim at Horseshoe Bay Beach

You'll find beautiful beaches around the entire perimeter of Bermuda, and one of the more stunning is Horseshoe Bay Beach. With its light pink sand, clear blue water, and gorgeous rock formations, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most Instagrammed beaches in the world. At the beach, make sure to take a little time to walk and explore the shoreline — and peek inside some of the caves you'll find along the way. If you can, stay for sunset.

Visit the Crystal Caves

Inside the Crystal Caves, visitors will find stunning rock formations and water so clear you can see 50 feet down to the sea floor. In the cave, which was first discovered more than a century ago, guests can walk across the floating bridge, get up close to stalagmites formed during the Pleistocene Ice Age.

Find your scent at Lili Bermuda Perfumery

One thing you’ll never want to forget from your day in Bermuda is the sweet smell. Luckily, you can take it with you by stopping at the Lili Bermuda Perfumery. At the shop, located in the Town of St. George, visitors can tour the company’s facilities, sample exclusive perfumes, and learn more about the organization that’s been bottling Bermuda’s scent since 1928. Every single bottle sold from the store is still packaged by hand on site. Tours are complimentary and there are no reservations required.

Climb up Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse

Located 354 feet above sea level on the very top of a hill in the Southhampton Parish, just up the road from Horseshoe Bay Beach, sits the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1846 and has remained the main tourist attraction of the parish ever since. Guests are invited to climb the 185 steps to the top for a panoramic view of Bermuda from the lighthouse balcony. You’ll want to ascend slowly: There are tiny exhibits explaining Bermuda’s unique history along the way.

Grab a drink at the Swizzle Inn

No trip to Bermuda would be complete without a stop at the Swizzle Inn. Though there are now two locations, it’s ideal to visit the original location in Bailey’s Bay. The restaurant and bar opened its doors in 1932. It was here that bartenders created Bermuda’s national drink: the Rum Swizzle. Made with Gosling’s rum and a mix of fruit juices, the drink is shaken until frothy. It will quench your thirst on a hot tropical day. Stay for a while, grab a burger or two, and if you’re there on a Thursday, try your hand at winning Trivia Night at the bar.

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