All you need is a WiFi connection to experience the island's beautiful beaches and charming locals.

By Andrea Romano
April 21, 2020

Grab a daiquiri and enjoy an island vacation from your couch.

Let’s face it: Jetting off to Aruba sounds extra nice right now. While we’re all staying home in order to do our part to combat the spread of coronavirus, it’s easy to feel the pangs of wanderlust.

Credit: Courtesy of Aruba Tourism Authority

Luckily, the Aruba Tourism Authority has a number of ways to enjoy the island’s culture and natural beauty all from the comfort of home. The beautiful country is currently offering fun and relaxing activities for anyone who wants to enjoy a slice of island life while they’re hunkering down.

Credit: Courtesy of Aruba Tourism Authority

If you’re looking for the perfect way to relax, Aruba-style, you can easily tune into a 30-minute calming video of the best sights and sounds of the island, designed to boost your happiness and help you de-stress. Or, if you’re really into taking a virtual vacation right now, check out an online tour of the island’s Butterfly Sanctuary (brought to you by a local guide), or enjoy listening to an Island Vibes Spotify playlist from the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino.

Or, if you’re really missing Aruba’s delicious, fresh cuisine there are quite a few great food and cocktail recipes to enjoy out there. If you’re looking for something truly authentic, check out an at-home recipe for a pastechi (basically a stuffed pastry) from the Aruba Tourism Authority on Instagram. Or looking for an island-style drink,  Divi and Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive has a recipe for the Aruba Ariba, a stapel cocktail that's easy to make at home. And if you’re a non-drinker (or have loved ones who are under 21), check out a mocktail recipe from the Bucuti & Tara Resort Aruba.

And as a special treat for Earth Day, the Aruba Tourism Authority is sharing a special video tour of the island Dushi Tera with an inspiring message from 17 real Aruban voices, aged between nine and 90. This video is not only to show the island’s gorgeous sights, but also to make a promise to future travelers that the island will welcome them in open arms when it is safe to travel again.

Credit: Courtesy of Aruba Tourism Authority

New content, including meditations, recipes, and videos, will be posted three times a week on the Aruba Tourism Authority’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. More information can be found on the Aruba Tourism Authority website.