Intrepid Just Released 30 New Tours for Every Type of Traveler in 2021

Let the tour company help you be a better — and safer — traveler next year.

Intrepid Travel is hoping to help travelers look forward to 2021 with a whole new slate of itineraries, as well as a guide for what travel will look like in the future, with its new “How to Go In 2021” list.

In October, the company released the list, replacing its annual “Where to Go” list for the first time. The new roundup, the company explained, outlines both new trips and five key trends that “form the foundation of Intrepid’s new 2021 tour offerings.”

Those five foundations include “Go slower,” which, the company says, is “about embracing a destination and being completely present in your surroundings. It’s about connections.” The roster of trips under this foundation allow travelers to “unpack once and commit to a more considered pace in a single location.” The trips, the company explained, were developed in direct response to COVID-19, so travelers could engage with surrounding communities away from crowds and in a more controlled setting. Trips highlighting this new foundation include the company’s 5-day Greece Retreat: Syros Island and 5-day Croatia Retreat: Lastovo Island.

Person kayaking in Antarctica
Courtesy of Intrepid Travel

Its next foundation is “Go into the wild.” This foundation celebrates getting out into the great outdoors with new tour offerings, like its inaugural Antarctica Expeditions.

Next, it’s “Go on your terms.” Intrepid explained, “As travelers around the world face varying levels of comfort and travel restrictions, customization and flexibility will be two key pillars for the future of travel.” Its Tailor-Made offering helps people do just that — travel however they want.

The company noted, in 2021, all 800+ Intrepid Trips will be “fully customizable and available for travelers to book with their own private group, whether it is their family, their ‘bubble,’ or beyond.”

Two women in front of the Cairo Pyramids in Egypt
Courtesy of Intrepid Travel

Then, Intrepid also added “Go on a human-powered adventure” as one of its pillars. This includes its four new cycling trips, including the 4-day Cycle New Zealand: Otago Rail Trail, and four new walking trips like its 3-day England: Peak District Walking Retreat.

Finally, Intrepid listed “Go to regenerate, not just sustain” to its pillars. It explained, as the world’s largest travel B Corp and a carbon-neutral travel company, it has focused efforts on “advocating for a responsible rebuild of the travel industry following the pandemic.” Beyond just trips, the company also recently open-sourced a guide to decarbonize your travel business and shared its animal welfare policy as tools for other travel companies and consumers to travel more responsibly in the future.

“In 2021, travelers around the world will continue to be faced with varying levels of restrictions and limited destinations they can visit,” James Thornton, CEO of Intrepid Travel, shared in a statement. “This year we knew our focus would need to be less about the where and more about the how, looking at the ways in which we will travel better in the future. Whether it’s closer to home or further abroad, travel has changed forever, and together we must create a new normal, focused on rebuilding travel better than it was before.” Check out Intrepid’s full How to Go in 2020 list here.

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