By Gabrielle Blitz
March 25, 2014

Instagram is able to bring people together in an instantaneous and unique way—now, it’s even happening in person, with what’s being called “InstaMeets."

In late February, 12 Instagrammers from Malayasia and Indonesia, met for a four-day #InstaMeetJiran on East Java’s active volcano, Mount Bromo.

This is one of the latest InstaMeets to group together around the world to explore, capture moments, and share them on Instagram. Groups have met in destinations as close as San Francisco to as far as Romania or South Africa.

In a digital age when daily life can feel so individualistic and separated, it’s nice to see when social media—actually becomes social.

Gabrielle Blitz is Associate Social Media Editor at Travel + Leisure.

Photos courtesy of @aswinwiyatmoko and @luthfanherdy