The next-best thing to a trip to Tulum: Coqui Coqui for Club Monaco, a capsule collection overseen by Francesca Bonato, an Italian designer and co-owner of the eponymous hotel, a fashionista magnet on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Incorporating materials such as burlap and peso coins—even the scent of musky tobacco leaves—each piece is as stylishly low-key as Tulum itself and reflects Bonato’s carefree aesthetic, the result of years of living and working in the sun-soaked region.

Tulum was just a sleepy coastal town when Bonato and her husband, sometime model Nicolas Malleville opened their minimalist-chic seven-room property in 2003. “Back then,” Bonato says, “there were such limited products available that we began making our own everything”—fragrances, oils, and scrubs to use for spa treatments on the beach. Bonato also commissioned local artisans to create a line of clothing and accessories, including silk dresses, handwoven scarves, and rebozo-and-leather sandals. In fact, the new collaboration was born when Malleville wore those very sandals at a Club Monaco fashion shoot and a designer fell in love with them—further proof of the inescapable appeal of Tulum style.

Pictured: Silk-and-cotton dress, $329.

Mimi Lombardo is the fashion director at Travel + Leisure.