There are many ways to tell time, but nothing says timeless like Tiffany.
Nigel Cox Tiffany Watch
| Credit: Nigel Cox

What’s ticking in that tantalizing little blue box?A travel clock, yes, but also a name—one that has been synonymous with American luxury for 170 years, providing everyone from Harry Houdini to Holly Golightly with dazzling bibelots. Wouldn’t it be nice to toss something with a little glamour into your carry-on, something besides the miniature toothpaste and those three-ounce bottles of shampoo?Introduced in 2004, Tiffany’s rhodium-plated, coin-edged, pocket-size alarm clock is a link to the company’s storied past. Decades ago, during the golden age of travel, these little timepieces came richly enameled, rendered in platinum, or cloaked in diamonds. Then they disappeared almost completely, in a world where your cell phone and PDA always know the hour. But there’s something about the classic simplicity of the Tiffany travel clock that harks back to a more refined era—and provides no better way to be roused for breakfast on the Orient-Express.