Well, maybe not glam, but Burger King’s new "Whopper Bar" in South Beach, Miami—an industrial-chic, “boutique” rendition of the distinctly unglamorous orange-themed fast-food chain—will grill you up something called a “Black & Bleu Steakhouse XT” (oh la la, beyond-fries French).

Care to wash down that seven-ounce, flame-broiled beef patty with a nice cold beer? The Whopper Bar offers a selection of artisanal American brews, serving everything from, uh, super-hip Budweiser to luxe Miller Light.

Think it can’t get hipper than that? BK-branded mopeds (piloted by long-haired hipsters, we can only presume) will soon be scooting around South Beach, delivering burgers to the beach and beyond.

The Whopper Bar, located a few blocks off the sand on Washington Avenue at 11th Street, is open all night. And in case Miami seems a bit far to travel for a quarter pounder and some domestic beer, fear not: another upmarket BK bistro will open in Memphis, Tennessee by summertime, with more branches for major U.S. cities in the works.

Catesby Holmes is an assistant research editor at Travel + Leisure.