I recently went to Las Vegas for the first time, for my best friend’s bachelorette weekend. Now before you get carried away with visions of sheer hedonism that you think must have ensued, keep in mind that none of us drinks or gambles, and some of us are easily scandalized. So what do a band of tame, teetotalling girls do in Sin City, you ask? We managed to find plenty to keep us occupied, from the bountiful buffet at our hotel, the fabulous Bellagio, to Cirque du Soleil’s dazzling water spectacle O, to an over-the-top feast at Alain Ducasse’s Michelin-starred Mix, at the top of Mandalay Bay (our closest encounter with debauchery came when our waiter confessed he was a former Chippendales dancer). We wound up having a fabulous—if somewhat low-key—time, but the highlight of the weekend was, shockingly, testing our luck at the Price Is Right Live!. Yes, as in that Price Is Right.

While the actual Price Is Right has been summoning people to “come on down” to its stage in Los Angeles for nearly four decades, the Bally’s Las Vegas version, while following the original’s format closely, is presented strictly before a theater audience. This means you can still win big bucks, random household appliances, or even A NEW CAR!!!, but you won’t be embarrassing yourself in front of millions of viewers.

We showed up with our “Ridaa’s Bachelorette Weekend” T-shirts (see above) and made the bride don a veil, hoping it would enhance our chances of getting at least one of us chosen, but alas, none of were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to break into the epileptic seizure that PIR contestants are apparently required to experience upon hearing their names called. It’s too bad, because prizes ranged from hundreds of dollars in cash to a cruise to, yes, a new car.

We did, however, win a few thousand Harrahs points between the five of us that we could redeem at any of the affiliated resorts, so we treated ourselves to a free lunch at Paris on our last day. We also scored a picture with the host, David Ruprecht, who previously hosted Supermarket Sweep.

Overall, it was a great way to spend an afternoon, and I’d recommend Price Is Right Live! as a fun, kitschy, and somewhat unique Vegas show, for when all the gambling and the drinking and the partying gets does, doesn’t it?

Sarah Khan is a copy writer at Travel + Leisure.