Looking for comfort?This in-room staple always makes you feel right at home—even when you’re far away.

Credit: © Nigel Cox

You’ll find it in the closet or behind the bathroom door, on a hanger with the belt cinched, embroidered logo usually on the left, just waiting to be unfurled after a long, hot soak in the tub—or, as is often the case, flung on when room service arrives just a little too promptly with the breakfast cart. You see, in the world of hotels, the bathrobe can be perfectly appropriate attire. It’s a tone poem in fluffy terry—sometimes with a satiny outer layer, like at the Breakers Palm Beach, where it often makes poolside appearances. Whether it’s embracing a statuesque Marilyn Monroe at the Hotel del Coronado or a blasé Bill Murray at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, the hotel robe’s appeal is never lost in translation.