Looking to add a bit of je ne sais quoi to your travel wardrobe? Try one of these printed silk squares.

Credit: Doug Rosa

Few things can telegraph a sense of European flair like an Hermès scarf. Introduced in 1937, the 36-by-36-inch silk-screened squares—or carrés, as they’re called by the French luxury goods house—have the ability to transform an outfit and elevate even the simplest jeans and tee while providing on-the-go style solutions. Just look at Jackie O., who used hers to tether a windswept updo, or the impossibly elegant Princess Grace of Monaco—after breaking her arm, she fashioned the equestrian-print scarf into an impromptu sling. Plus, whether embellished with antique matryoshka dolls from Moscow’s Zabavushka museum or a patchwork of pages from a 1950’s French atlas, each Hermès carré carries the allure of distant lands.