How to Pack in 5 Easy Steps

Our easy-to-follow instructions for organizing your suitcase—and techniques for folding and rolling your clothes for a wrinkle-free arrival.

1. Distribute weight intelligently

Put heavier items on the bottom of your suitcase. This includes shoes (in shoe bags), rolled jeans, and blazers (folded into dry-cleaner bags). Lighter pieces go at the top.

2. Use bags to organize

Ziplocs are great for small accessories and toiletries. If you’re not checking, make sure cosmetics are on the top of your packed suitcase, for easy access as you go through security. To protect undergarments from damage (and prying TSA agents), place them in a lingerie bag.

3. Roll your casual clothes

This approach minimizes creasing and maximizes space. It’s best for lighter-weight pieces—cotton shirts, khakis, jeans—not bulkier items like sweaters (see step 4). Put compactly rolled pieces in organization cubes to create extra room. Roll smaller items (yoga pants, socks) and use them to fill in air holes.

4. Fold sweaters and delicate items

Bulky articles should be folded and placed in compression sacks, like the Spacepak Bags from Flight 001. Delicate pieces can be protected from wrinkles by using tissue paper and dry-cleaner bags. Dress shirts and skirts should be folded and separated by tissue paper.

5. Don’t forget the laundry

Bring a laundry sack (or extra-large Ziploc) and stuff it with a few dryer sheets to keep everything smelling fresh. Put it at the back of the suitcase, so that clean clothes are easily acces-sible during the trip.

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