VIDEO: How to Get a Room Upgrade

The best rooms aren’t always reserved for those who pay top dollar. Travel + Leisure's Sarah Spagnolo shares five tips that will help you get an upgrade:

Tip 1: Be nice

Front desk agents are usually entitled to change a guest’s room at their discretion. A smile and a friendly spirit can go a long way!

Tip 2: Stay at a new hotel

Recently opened properties might not be as full as their competitors, meaning staffers have an added incentive to court guests.

Tip 3: Be a regular

Hotels prioritize traveler who are frequent visitors. If you plan to return to a destination many times, be sure to share that with the front desk.

Tip 4: Check-in later in the day

Hotel managers have a better sense of their open inventory as the day goes on. That means they’ll be more likely to offer a spontaneous upgrade later in the evening.

Tip 5: Say “thank you”

If you had a great stay, let the hotel know in writing or via social media. The compliment may be rewarded on your next visit!

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