By Peter Schlesinger
April 11, 2014

We admit it: we’ve always had a fondness for so-corny-they’re-cute towel animals. Samson Macwan, a butler at Sandals Emerald Bay, in the Bahamas, shows how to create a conversation piece.

1. Hold bath towel lengthwise, tucking center under chin. Roll sides tightly at an angle toward center to form a scroll with a pointed tip.

2. Keeping rolls intact, place towel on flat surface, rolled side down. Fold in half, bringing pointed tip all the way back.

3. Fold tip back again to form an “S” shape. Hold in place for a few seconds to create creases, then release. Shape beak and neck.

4. Pleat second towel lengthwise to form an accordion.

5. Drape second towel over swan’s body. Fan pleats to create wings. Primp tail to swanlike elegance.