The U.S. Cities That Get the Most Sun Every Month

It's gettin' hot in here.

Empty Ocean Drive in the morning, South Beach, Miami, USA
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Sunny days may soon be here, but if you can't wait for warmer weather it may be time to head to the hottest city in the U.S. Where's that, you say? Just ask Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, which just compiled its list of hottest cities in the nation.

Using data from World Weather Online, the website determined the hottest cities in the U.S. by counting the average temperature in Fahrenheit per month in cities with more than 300,000 residents between 2009 to 2021. In the event of a tie, in comparing average monthly temperatures, the company used the average number of sun hours per month.

So, who came in first? That would be none other than Miami.

"It's official. Miami is the hottest city in the United States," reads a statement Holidu shared with Travel + Leisure. "With an average monthly temperature of 78.7°F and 343.57 hours of sun per month."

Phoenix, Arizona, came in second with an average temperature of 77.1°F and 354.53 hours of sun per month, while nearby Mesa, Arizona, came in third with an average temperature of 76.8°F and 354.49 hours of sun per month.

Also in the top 10 is Honolulu, Hawaii, with an average temperature of 76.5°F; Orlando, Florida, with an average temperature of 75.9°F; and Corpus Christi, Texas at 74.2°F as an average monthly temperature.

Henderson, Nevada came in eighth place, with a lovely average monthly temperature of 72.6°F. And finally, New Orleans, Louisiana, tied for temperature average with Henderson, but had slightly fewer sun hours per month (325.92), putting it in 10th place.

Click here to view an interactive map and data table ranking the top 40 hottest cities in the U.S. to help you decide where to travel next.

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