With a new update that was released last week, HotelTonight is seemingly taking a page out of the TripAdvisor playbook by adding user-generated content. But unlike the user-generated review giant, HotelTonight’s “Snap Your Stay” feature cuts out the issue of subjectivity: What they’re calling “reviews” are really no more than user snapshots documenting their hotels room’s view, bed, bathroom, and so on. Semantics aside, it’s a natural fit and welcome addition for the mobile booking platform, where users aren’t particularly inclined to read paragraphs of unreliable content. And it offers a genuine, objective look at whether a hotel will fit your particular needs.

Each time you book a stay with HotelTonight, you’ll now be prompted to Snap Your Stay by taking photos of the hotel room, bathroom, view, lobby, exterior, and a cool find of your choice (say, the pool or a turndown amenity). From start to finish, submitting a complete “review” should take only 20 taps—much easier than writing out a paragraph’s worth of material on your tiny touchscreen. The best part? As part of an introductory promotion, those who snap all six shots during their stay nab a $5 credit towards a future stay.

Nikki Ekstein is an Editorial Assistant at Travel + Leisure and part of the Trip Doctor news team. Find her at on Twitter at @nikkiekstein.