Global hotel brands—from Starwood and Hilton to Four Seasons and Anantara—are scrambling to meet the needs of China’s increasingly peripatetic middle class. Last year alone, 78 million Chinese were expected to travel abroad, spending upwards of $80 billion. Here, a few of the perks and programs being rolled out to make them feel at home.

  • Chinese chess and mahjongg games
  • Avoidance of the number 4 (considered unlucky) in room and floor assignments
  • Slippers (wearing shoes indoors is seen as unsanitary)
  • Packets of jasmine and oolong tea
  • Red flowers in rooms instead of white (red = good fortune; white = funerals)
  • Chineselanguage newspapers and TV channels
  • Dim sum and congee for breakfast

Photo by iStockphoto