Call it another miracle of technology: You don't have to be a bathrobe-clad buzzkill anymore, who squints out from your hotel-room door in the wee hours to give a dirty look to some partier loudly staggering down the hall. There's now a machine to do that for you.

Thanks, that is, to Premier Inn. The UK-based budget hotel chain guarantees guests that they'll get a good night's sleep—and gives them a refund if they don't.

The problem, though, is that they have had to hand out a lot of those refunds of late—mostly due to other hotel guests who raise a ruckus late at night and keep the early-bedtime-crowd tossing and turning.

So the hotelier has started installing noise detectors in halls, which are technologically akin to speed cameras. They go off when noise levels exceed a certain decibel, and alert guests to put a sock in it, as it were.

This is not the first attempt at quieting unruly guests. "We tried giving rowdy guests lollipops when they come into reception after a night out, to keep them quiet," CEO Andy Harrison told The Daily Mail.

Lollipops? Ingenious. But a scolding gadget might be even sweeter revenge.