portable feng shui

Maybe it hates you back. If you want to be happy in a place, you have to work on your relationship with it—at least, that's the idea behind feng shui. Carol Meltzer, a master of the ancient art, has created the Feng Shui Tool Travel Kit ($66; 800/786-5508), a copper basket containing a candle, sachet, amulet, mirror, scroll, and sage incense stick. Here are some of her instructions:

  • Burn the kit's sage stick to cleanse the room of negative energy. Use it once upon arrival. After that, you'll need it only if there has been an unsettling situation.
  • Use the mirror to reflect positive images into the space. For example, reflect a vase of flowers onto the bed for "flowering relationships."
  • If you hope to meet a special someone while vacationing, bring a small pillow covered in pink or blue—depending on which sex you wish to attract. Tuck it into bed with you.
  • Place a bright scarf between the box spring and mattress; white bedding causes insomnia.